was talking to soph…

we ended up talking bout relationships…here it goes..=)

Sophia : 
how does it feel to be attached
after what? 2 years?

Gummy : 
doing things together
not as frens
but as a couple
and how u get to know more about the other person
how they cared for u
how u cared for them
how they make u happy
when u did sumthing they appreciate
u know?

a lot of stuff i nid to learn

Sophia : 

Gummy : 
lik yesterday
we had our dinner at clarke quay
we took a stroll by the river
and we sat down at a bench 
when theres no one around
and we started talking bout
how we feel about each other
and how weird things are
few months ago
we would juz
walk pass each other
by juz saying hi
and now
we're holding hands
1000km away from home
juz the both of us
u know
its tat feeling tat being together in a relationship
its how it makes u feel

Sophia : 
u are in love
get away from me

its really how it makes me feel..=)



i think…



sad face…=(

going down to SG on friday…sumthing worth looking forward to…peace~



wat should i do now…?

m i falling too deep already?

or should i juz wake up?

wat should i do?

flw wat everyone said?    flw wat my heart say?    or do wat i should do? 

or is this blog post damn stupid? 



Bigger Than My Body

Someday I'll fly
Someday I'll soar
Someday I'll be something much more
Cause I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for

Why is it not the time?
What is there more to learn?.. yeah
I shed this skin I've been tripping in
Never to quite return

Bigger Than My Body - John Mayer

got a postcard from New Zealand…OooMmmmGeeee!!

and my mum didnt show me till the next day..

and so sry i didnt blogged about it until now..hahaha~

its from Jayme Xuan Xuan..omg..miss u soo much laaa~ 
 its good to hear tat u’re enjoying urself there…u’re doing wat i wanted to do most..

travelling, work, make frens and continue to travel to the next destination..although u made sacrifice..but i think its worth it..whenever u feel tired..juz come bak here..where all ur frens and family is here..im here!  in PENANG!! come find meeeeee~

bring ur bf too=)

hmmm…i wish i can post u sumthing but u told me u constantly moving…=(…hope everything is ok with u..pls call me often k? juz to know u’re awrite and everything else go well..

my colleagues buy me a cake..and i’m so happy..initially i wanted to treat them for lunch, but as frenly and good guys they use to…they decided to pay the bill for me..and still…i get a cake!! woo~

learn a lot from them..all my brothers..i feel its important to appreciate wat u’ve learn from everyone..i gain so much knowledge and meet so many ppl its all becuz of them…if its was’nt for them, i guessed it wouldnt b tat easy for me since start..

the cake is nice…special, from the look itself, u wouldnt guess its a soft and spongy kind of cake would u?

but it is! and its nice…

appropriate sweetness - LURVE
not too chocolaty - LURVE
chocolate flakes on top - LURVE

see..wats not to love..mayb its not as nice as Awfully Chocolate lik sumone said it would be..but, i lurve it…thx guys! kam siah brotherssss!  next time crab rice…its on me!!!! 

got 3 cakes for my burfday this year..i can die a happy man..first time in my life…so many cakes….*tears…*T-T…make me so gamdung..

on Nov 3rd…even god giv me a gift..the best sky light i’ve seen in Kulim…while i was driving..i took a quick snap and taaadaaa~ LURVE!


my burfday at the island down south~

i had my 1st ever 22nd burfday celebration over at SG..

thx to tat special sumone..=)

woooo~ my name lighted up!! it spells - G - U - M - M - Y - …

while she borrowed a lighter from a guy sitting rite next to me..i was wondering wat she nid tat for…
and when she showed me the candles..

i was stunned..i could’nt speak a word…

i didnt know she was going to do this…

and its damn rite tat im the happiest man in the world at tat time! =)

now if u ask me..

wat’s in my mind..

im gonna say, she’s the only one for me..=)


pictures over coffee table~

When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change
Because you're amazing, just the way you are~mint
And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while
Because girl you're amazing, just the way you are~mint

Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

 nid me to say more?~ =)


did u guys ever read the lyrics tat i post?

I'm feeling alive all over again,
As deep as the sky, under my skin
Like being in love, she says
For the first time
Well maybe I'm wrong,
But I'm feeling right where I belong
With you tonight
Like being in love
Can feel for the first time

First Time - Lifehouse

its been a while i nvr step into this space…sry was bz with everything..


ive been sooo bz with my work…so many quotations, travelling up and down to sg.petani and to all sorts of companies, factories…

its fun! but tiring..=)

planned out sum stuff, going to Angkor Wat on Dec, Vietnam on April, and china still pending…was thinking of Sept and this time im going up to huangshan again…with bugeh..=)

and this time stay for a longer period of time when im there..

the smaller version of one of the pic i took in Huang Shan…this time im going bak for more..with 2 extra batteries and tons of memory card at my disposal! hahaha~

travel is really my passion, i dun care about wat u guys think about it..im gonna travel and write a bout it..and who knows, after 5 years..i might publish my own book! =)
ain’t tat great? 

the last time i was there, im totally stunned by the view and scenery, too bad i didnt plan it properly.

this time im gonna make it rite..=)

if any of u guys wanna join me…do tell me k? i lurveeee company along the way..=)

the most excited topic i wanna talk about is…im in a relationship now..yea…i m..


with the most unlucky girl in the world, for im being the most luckiest guy in the world! =)

u guys know who..hehehe..

gonna end this post with sum pics from Huang shan…=)


hope u guys like it…=)

im no pro photographer..

but im taking a second chance to go bak there and make it better…join me?

isnt life wonderful?

life isnt life when u’re not enjoying it~ =)

believe me!

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